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Prof. Han Enhou Joined Corrosion Science Editorial Board 2012-03-29
Inspection of President BAI Chunli on State Key Laborator... 2011-10-13
Wang Fuhui and his team received the 2010 First-Class Awa... 2011-10-13
Institute of Metal Research receives the 2011 NACE intern... 2011-10-13
Honorary Director of IMR Shi Changxu Win Nation's Top Sci... 2011-10-13
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Mechano-Chemical Corrosion and Protection
High-Temperature Corrosion and Protection
Electrochemical Corrosion
Surface Science and Engineering Technology
Research progress
Research progress on the self-sealing pore micro arc oxidation (MAO) film on Mg alloys
Surface property and functionalization of carbon materials
Some Important Progress in the Research on Stress Corrosion Cracking of Key Materials in Nuc...
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